Lady Gaga back on the Scene in NYC!

Where has Lady Gaga been? The superstar pop artist has been out of the music scene for awhile now, mainly due to her hip that she injured while on tour. The social media has been pondering back and forth, wondering when their queen would be back in action. As some predicted, Lady Gaga was back in the spotlight in NYC Friday night.

Lady Gaga was back NYC

Just a few days after the Supreme Court shut down attacks on same-sex marriage, Lady Gaga appeared Friday night in New York City in support of the city’s Gay Pride celebration. As many of you already know, Lady Gaga has been a long time supporter of equal rights and gay rights. In honor of her many gay friends, Lady Gaga performed the Star Spangled Banner, acapella style. Seconds after, Gaga received nothing but loud cheers. “Her song was motivational and spot on,” said one fan.

Lady Gaga was back NYC

Lady Gaga was back NYC

Lady Gaga looked stunning and beautiful Friday night. In her sense, Gaga was dressed very casual. Even so, she looked amazing and much better then she did before after the injury. She seemed like she was able to move around pretty good, hoping the hip injury is behind her. Lady Gaga’s rendition of the Star Spangled Banner was amazing, performed like a pro. A few took to the social media as Lady Gaga altered the last few lines of the song. Friday night was a big moment for the gay community, let them have their moment. Surprisingly so, the same ones that took to Twitter were the ones that were opposing gay marriage. Perhaps, they should mind their own business!

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