Japan Music Industry Threatens U.S.?

Year after year, the United States has been the global leader in the music industry and market. Artist from the United States, in all genres, have fans that stretch around the world. The main reason that the U.S. music market is so strong is because they know how to market. However, according to reports, Japan’s music market continues to reign as a tough opponent to the United States. Japan’s music industry is booming and everyone else is left wondering why. What is Japan doing differently now? Why has Japan’s music market spiked in revenues? The answers to these questions are more obvious then people think.

So what is different about the Japanese music market and the United States market? For starters, it is population. The U.S. population is just over 300 million people, Japan has around 500 million. In total, Japan has 40% more citizens then the United States. Secondly, technology in Japan has taken off. With the addition of social media, it is no wonder that Japan’s music market is booming. Could Japan’s population be the major factor? No. Japan’s population has always been more then the U.S. The population difference can’t be the only factor.

One big factor that I personally agree on is the fact that Japan has made new laws that offer jail time for illegal downloading and piracy. Yes, if you are caught, they are throwing you in jail! Sounds a little extreme, but it is true. Even so, the laws have only been in effect for a few months. The Japanese music market has been growing for years. So what gives? If you ask me, it is internet access. At this day and age, billions of people have access to the internet. People listen to music, they share music, and the music market is spread constantly. Will Japan ever take the number one spot? They have a chance, but probably not. As you can see, the United States music industry is already taking notice. Right this very minute, they are concerned and looking for ways to increase the U.S. music market. Will it be enough? Only time will tell.

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