Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Back Together?

Is Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez back together again? Oh yeah, the social sites are trending Bieber fever! Reports have surfaced over the past week that the two have been spotted several times together. Fans and friends have took to the social media, spilling all the latest rumors and speculation. You have to love the social media! Reporters don’t even have to chase the stars around anymore, the stars take care of that for you. Well, for the most part #HEARTBREAKER! I wonder what Justin meant by this when he posted it? Was he really promoting his new music or Selena?


Over the past week, the 4th of July holiday, all we have heard about is Justin and Selena. Are they back together? Was the pictures really them? Is Justin playing games again? Hold your horses now, all this is just speculation, right? No it isn’t, the proof is out! The rumors have been flying for nearly a week now that the former couple is back together. Thanks to instagram, we finally know the truth! Yes, the rumors are true, Justin and Selena have been together!

Several photos hit the internet this week, but the photos didn’t reveal much. However, a video was posted to instagram and you can see both Justin and Selena in the background. Since the two have been spotted together, although they have tried to conceal it, we know that the two are back together. Now, is Justin and Selena an item again? Well, only time will tell. Still, all the signs point to yes. And on top of that, both Justin and Selena have been caught wearing the other’s shirt. What does that tell you?

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