Billboard Top 10

Another week has passed and another Billboard chart is out. We have some new faces in the top 10, as well as some familiar ones. Did Justin Timberlake move up thanks to his YouTube exposure? Did Selena Gomez move up in the chart with all the attention she has been getting? Will Miley Cyrus continue her climb to #1? Is “Blurred Lines” still the top charting song of the week? Your about to find out, let’s go!

#1 “Blurred Lines”  Robin Thicke ft. T.I. and Pharrell
#2 “Get Lucky”            Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams
#3 “We Can’t Stop”    Miley Cyrus
#4 “Radioactive”      Imagine Dragons
#5 “Can’t Hold Us”     Macklemore ft. Ryan Lewis and Ray Dalton
#6 “Cruise”                  Florida Georgia Line ft. Nelly
#7 “Mirrors”                Justin Timberlake
#8 “Treasure”              Bruno Mars
#9 “Come & Get It”    Selena Gomez
#10 “The Way”             Ariana Grande ft. Mac Miller

“Blurred Lines” remains at the top spot for the 4th consecutive week. The hit song, by Robin Thicke, featuring T.I. and Pharrell, has been a hit nearly all summer long. In fact, “Blurred Lines” had over 400,000 downloads this week, marking the second consecutive week that the song has went over 400,000 downloads.

“Get Lucky” locks in the second spot on the chart. The hit charting song, by Daft Punk, featuring Pharrell, has been gaining steam the past few weeks. In fact, Pharrell can claim the top two spots in the countdown as he is featured on the top two songs. This shows you the talent that Pharrell has, taking nothing away from Thicke and Punk.

How about Miley Cyrus? “We Can’t Stop” is moving up the charts in a hurry, all the way up to the third position this week. The former Hanna Montana star is certainly back in the game. You have to remember, Miley has fans from all across the world, even with her past behavior. The way this song is rising, we have to wonder if “Blurred Lines” will be number #1 next week.

“Radioactive” has been a chart topping hit for many weeks now. Although the song continues to fall, it still holds a spot at #4. The hit song by Imagine Dragons is a huge success. Will they be able to stay on the charts much longer? Will they ever reach success again like they have with “Radioactive?” We will have to wait and see. None the less, “Radioactive” is sure to be one of the best songs of 2013.

“Can’t Hold Us” rounds out the top 5 for this week. The hit song by Macklemore, featuring Ryan Lewis and Ray Dalton, has been gaining momentum over the past few weeks. The smash hit is likely to rise all the way to number. This is a huge win for Macklemore, having two very successful hits. It should put the critics at rest. Make sure you tune in next week as we will see who is number 1!


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