“Blurred Lines” Taking Heat Again

The number one top charting song, “Blurred Lines,” is back in the news again, all for the wrong reasons though. The hit song by Robin Thicke, T.I., and Pharrell, has been criticized since the video first came out. All three artist have took hits for the deemed “Sexist” music video. Now, critics are calling out the director of the music video, Diana Martel. Even with all the negative exposure, “Blurred Lines,” holds the number one spot on the Billboard Top 100. The music video is questionable, but all the exposure has made the song a huge hit.

premiere-robin-thicke-s-blurred-lines-ft-ti-and-pharrell-williams.jpg (500×377)

Diane Martel is a well respected music video director. She has made many music videos in her career. Here lately though, critics have called the veteran out, calling her work “sexist” and “racial.” Many have claimed that “Blurred Lines” is a disgrace for all women. “I would be ashamed if I was one of the girls in the video,” one women explains. “How do they wake up and look into the mirror,” another women stated. Yes, the music video is a little explicit, but sexist? I don’t think so personally. I’m not a woman either, if I was, maybe I would think differently about it.

2011-topic-pages-music-robin-thicke.jpg (628×353)

130322-ti-blurred-lines_0.png (620×413)

tip-dance-blurred-lines.png (615×462)

Robin-Thicke-Pharrell-T.I.-Blurred-Lines.jpg (526×349)

Robin-Thicke-Blurred-Lines-Video-08.png (659×369)

This is not the first time that director Diane Martel has produced controversial music videos. Martel also directed “We Can’t Stop,” the song by Miley Cyrus. Critics were outraged with the music video, saying that Miley is trying to act “black.” Justin Timberlake’s music video, “Tunnel Vision,” is also receiving negative opinions. Both “Blurred Lines” and “Tunnel Vision” portray naked women dancing. Just like “Blurred Lines,” the hit “Tunnel Vision” is quickly rising the charts. I understand what all the critics are talking about, but enough is enough. We don’t feel like hearing your complaints anymore. In the end, what’s going to happen? The video isn’t going to get plugged. My suggestion, if you feel that it isn’t appropriate, don’t watch!

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